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It’s making people believe
what you say.
about shouting.

Who we are

Lange PR is a highly specialised communications and public relations agency that secures your brand the best possible press coverage. We’re Denmark’s – if not the world’s – only floating PR agency, and together with partners all across the globe, we service clients within consumer electronics, industrial production, robots, technology, IT, automation and the space industry. 


Lange PR works with PR, journalism, media councelling and communications. We like to combine our areas of expertice and thereby benefit from the synergies between the different disciplines.

Communications Strategy

Without a strategy and a plan, you fumble in the dark. Vice versa, if you work in a structured and strategic manner, your communications and PR work will pay off and give you the desired rewards. 


Positive press coverage will benefit your brand and reputation over time. This creates trust and credibility around your company and since we all like to be with trustworthy and credible people, PR is a no-brainer. 

Crisis communications

Crisis communications is all about being prepared for even the worst media storm, shitstorms on SoMe or other serious events that makes it necessary to say the right things at the right time. 


Beautiful and razor-sharp journalism will make your clients actually want to read your magazines, LinkedIn-posts or newsletters. Life’s too short for unclear communications! 


One of our clients has been with us for 16 years. That’s the record – so far… But we try to beat it – every day. Below, you can see an overview of our current clients. 


One of the mantras in the PR industry is to make others say something nice about you and your company. We therefore asked a few of Lange PR’s clients what they think about working with us. We still blush a little bit when we read what they said… Thank you! 

  • My collaboration with Jacob Lange goes back almost 13 years and I’ve always been very happy to have Jacob as a PR advisor throughout the years. He knows his business inside out. 

    Jacob Risgaard,
    Serieiværksætter, investor og medejer af bl.a. Coolshop
  • Since our first VC investment, we’ve needed a clear profile in the press. Lange PR has handled all of our PR work, and it has given us publicity that goes way beyond what we had expected.

    Allan Mørch,
    CEO, AskCody
  • We’ve chosen Lange PR as our Danish PR and communications agency. In addition, Blåkläder HQ works with Lange PR in France and Germany through the WIN PR Network. This is an important part of our strategy to become more visible on the market. Without the press coverage generated by Lange PR, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

    René Christiansen,
    Country Manager, Blåkläder Workwear
  • Dyson spent almost a year selecting our Danish PR agency, and we chose to go with Lange PR back in 2016. Since then, we’ve appeared in more than a thousand articles in the Danish media which has played a pivotal role in our sales strategy.

    Harry Lewis-Barclay,
    PR Director, Dyson Nordics

    About Lange PR

    Lange PR is Denmark’s, perhaps the world’s, only floating PR agency. Our office is located onboard a house boat from 1970, carefully restored down to the last bolt. Together with our partner agencies across the globe, Lange PR services clients within FMCG, technology, industrial production, robotics, IT, automation and the space industry.  

    Our tasks typically evolve around PR and communication strategies, hardcore execution of PR programmes, production of journalistic articles for customer magazines or news letters, councelling in connection with media crises, SoMe, media training, ghost-writing of speeches, etc. 

    Our target is completely clear: through a meticulously planned PR and communications strategy – and good, old-fashioned execution – Lange PR makes sure that your company gets the best possible press coverage – either in Denmark or abroad. 

    If you have a story that you’d like to see in the media, Lange PR will help tailor-make the story, plan the PR campaign and serve it for the right journalists at the right time – online, on print and across radio, TV and SoMe. This will give you far better exposure, increased competitiveness – and a higher turnover. 

    Proud co-founder of the WIN PR GROUP

    The founder of Lange PR, Jacob Lange, has worked with PR and journalism since 1998 and draws upon experience from a long line of customers operating on a global level.

    Since 1999, Jacob Lange has been one of the founders of the international agency alliance WIN PR Group that so far covers more than 70 markets. Thereby, you get access to a one-stop-shop where you can access PR expertice on a global level – without having to deal with multiple contacts in different countries. The members of WIN PR Group have all been carefully selected with one criteria in mind: their unquestioned and long-standing experience with PR. 

    What all this means is that you as a client is guaranteed an (almost) similar quality of service regardless of whether you work with us in Denmark, the United States or Australia. 

    Lange PR can either act as lead agency – or just open the door to one or more foreign PR specialists after which you run the daily dialogue. It doesn’t have to be harder than that.

    WIN PR Group

    Lange PR ApS
    Skudehavnsvej 30, Kajplads 7
    DK-9000 Aalborg

    Brug for hjælp?:
    Jacob Lange, Managing Director

    T: +45 2076 3020

    CVR: 31487471
    Revision: Redmark
    Bank: Sparekassen Kronjylland


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